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Published by Isaac Asare
Apr 19, 2021

FD Sunday Performance League philosophy is to provide a platform for young players to display their creativity freely and offer an atmosphere of good sportsmanship within which the players and teams can learn, compete, and enjoy the game of soccer. 


Our league is a PRACTICE and PLAY structure where players receive training from trained professionals before the league games are played. The Practice sessions are designed to enhance each player's technical skills, game understanding, and ignite a lifelong passion for the game. Players that excel at controlling the ball will control the game thus practice sessions focus on achieving this. 


   U7-9 Age Groups (Fall Season)

New players signed up will be evaluated and then assigned to a team. During league games, we demand stellar sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, hard work while promoting good competitive spirit and leadership. 

  U10-11 Age Groups (Fall Season)

League timing is as below:

  • U7-U9: 8.30 - 10am

  • U10-U11: 9.30am-11am

  • U12-U13: 11am -  12.30pm

  • U14-U16: 12.30pm – 2pm


You can click here to know more about how the Fall Season ended.


For more information about any of our events or programs, email us at info@fdshanghaiacademy.com. If you are interested in our Academy Elite Teams (from U7 to U19), please send an email to elite@fdshanghaiacademy.com to book a tryout session.