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  • FD Academy will officially communicate via email. Each family is responsible for updating their emails on file with us and checking their emails regularly. Although WeChat may be used to supplement communication, it will not replace email.



  • All players must register via the online registration system, and accept the waiver, and the payment requirements. The online registration system will be open weeks before that particular program starts.


Weather Policy

  • FD Academy will rarely cancel practices but if we do cancel due to extreme weather (thunder, lightning, or a heavy downpour of rain) conditions, we will send out information through email and/or WeChat 60-90 minutes before the session starts.

Air Quality
  • This policy serves as a guide for coaches, players, and parents about unsafe training and game playing conditions as it pertains to the air quality. When the AQI range is between 170 and 200, parents have the choice to keep their child home if they feel so under such circumstances. Practices and games may be canceled for players under 10 years old.
  • When AQI is above 200, all practices and games will be canceled.
  • In case of cancellation, FD Academy will send out information 90 minutes before the session starts. If no information is sent out, then the session continues as normal. Please contact your child coach or program coordinator directly if you want to be sure.

Make-Up Policy

  • When training or games are canceled due to the weather, high AQI level, or other unforeseen circumstances, our best effort will be made to schedule a make-up session, but make-up sessions are not guaranteed.
  •           Makeup sessions can be done at other similar program timing during the week
  •           Missed sessions are NOT allowed to be carried forward to the following term unless there is proof of injury.
  • Refunds and credits will not be issued for events canceled due to these occasional conditions. If a player misses an activity or practice, there will be NO make-up, refund, or credit.

Safety and Health

FD Academy will make its best efforts to provide a well-supervised and healthy environment to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Any child playing or behaving in a way that endangers other children may be dismissed from the activity without a refund.
  • FD Academy will not accept liability for accidents and requires that parents sign a liability waiver.
  • FD Academy will cancel the session when the AQI level is above 200. When the level is in the range of 170-200, FD Academy will reduce the intensity of training and players will be free to decide if to join the training/games or not.

Language of Instructions

  • FD Academy uses English as the language of instruction and coaching in all of its Programs.
  • FD Academy coaches can all speak the Chinese language fluently in addition to French, Italian, and Arabic languages.
  • In rare cases, if students do not have sufficient English skills, their parents will be asked to help the coaches translate instructions.



  • Payments can be made in cash, by Alipay, WeChat Pay, or Bank transfer
  • If a participant joins an activity in the middle of the season (when allowed) he must pay a prorated fee that covers the entirety of the remaining portion of the season.
  • Appropriate VAT, tax-deductible VAT fapiao can be provided if requested within 3 months after payment.  Past the 3 Months delay providing VAT fapiao will not be guaranteed.


Refund Policy

Refunds of club fees/credits are issued under only these circumstances:

·     Season-ending injury

  • If a player suffers an injury that requires a rehabilitation period of six months or longer, club fees will be refunded on a prorated basis.
  • A note from a medical doctor (MD) may be required.
  • In case of unforeseen circumstances such as an epidemic, earthquakes, or any situation that requires the program to stop, a pro-rated fee for the remaining part of the season will be refunded.
  • The player permanently moves out of the city (refund will be on a pro-rated basis). The club may require evidence to support this.

Each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis

There will be NO REFUND/CREDIT on the following conditions:

  • A member misses a training/game session or decides to withdraw from the team of his own will.
  • A member is not happy with the program and decides to stop
  • A member is unable to continue due to a busy schedule, travel plans, or relocation within the city
  • A member is dismissed from the team for not following the player/parent code of conduct


Siblings Discount Policy

FD Academy will give discounts to members that join with more than one child. Please contact us if you have more than one child joining our programs


Parental Consent

FD Academy uses session photos/videos for promotional purposes. Your child's photo might be used on any of our marketing or promotional materials. Please inform FD Academy by official email if you do not agree with this, and do not wish to have your child's photo/ Video be used.


 FD Academy reserves the right to amend or change the club policy and content as necessary without prior notice. In the case of modifications, the updated version will be forwarded to all members.


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